The Washington Post Peddles Fake News in Last Ditch Effort to Divide GOP


The Washington Post wants to remind Republican voters of the divisive primary earlier this year, even though the top losing candidate has said time and again that he’s supporting Ed Gillespie. Corey Stewart made his support for Gillespie clear immediately post-primary.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch from June 14:

Stewart said he’ll support Gillespie this fall in a general election matchup against Democratic nominee Ralph S. Northam

The Daily Beast, also from June:

He’ll vote for Gillespie and encourage his supporters to do the same

Oh, and this little bit from Corey himself in July:

This silly parsing of language (endorse vs. support) is an attempt to divide Republicans in the closing days of the surprisingly close 2017 campaign. It’s pathetic, and not what voters deserve to be hearing about this race in October.