Trump Sells, and the Media Knows It


    How do you put together a journalistic puff piece on something and turn it into viral gold? Simply find a way to loop in President Trump, apparently. I’m not one to accuse the media of “derangement”, but this article from the Boston Globe is ridiculous:

    That’s right, they’re trying to tie the eclipse into the election results. The article is complete with terrible puns like this:

    Is the eclipse throwing shade at Clinton supporters?

    In addition to being corny, the pun is illogical as the eclipse will be “throwing shade” (har har) on folks in its path, which are apparently Trump supporters.

    It’s also worth noting that Trump won 84% of the geographic United States, while Clinton racked up votes in populated areas. That means that any map where you draw a line from one coast to the other will be made up primarily of “Trump counties”, and this entire damn exercise of trying to tie an eclipse to the 2016 election is idiotic.

    Can we get back to the media behaving like journalists (albeit biased ones) instead of gossip and entertainment bloggers, please?