I’m Friends With Too Many Demagogues


    My social media feed has been absolutely toxic today. Following this morning’s shooting at a baseball field where members of Congress and their staff were preparing for the congressional baseball game, the things I’ve seen disgust me.

    As soon as the shooter was identified as a leftist, a lot of my friends threw away their sense of humanity and civility and started politicizing. Yes, I know the left does it. Yes, I know MSNBC and liberal pundits tried to pin Dylan Roof and other disgusting human beings to us. No, that does not make it alright for us to do the same.

    One social media “friend” of mine said that these things are happening because Democrats are breeding hatred against Republicans. Does that mean we’re to blame for everyone who tries to shoot a liberal, people we conservatives often tar as anti-American?

    My heart breaks for those involved in this tragedy. My heart breaks further because this is a mental health crisis and we keep trying to use it to score political points. Liberals blame shootings on conservatives. Conservatives blame shootings on liberals. Neither side is at fault, except for perhaps our societal paralysis of inaction on recognizing and helping people who are clearly mentally ill.

    Not every tragedy is going to be prevented. Some people legitimately do “seem normal” until their mental faculties break down in one fell swoop and they do something terrible. When those unpreventable tragedies happen, I don’t care if the shooter is a Marxist, a fascist, a Democrat, or a Republican.

    I care that human beings are involved and hurting, and I’m tired of this shit.