Shady Northam Flyer Attacks Gillespie For Being Pro-Gun, Anti-Abortion, and Pro-Tax Cut


In other words, Virginia Democrat Ralph Northam is attacking Republican Ed Gillespie in a flyer he’s unwilling to put his name on for… being a conservative. This is why politics is silly, folks. Here’s the flyer in question:

I’m being told by an activist that this flyer is being distributed by the Northam campaign with no type of “paid for” or attribution on it. That’s a campaign finance violation, albeit a minor one. The bigger story is that Northam thinks his radical embrace of the left and rejection of any remotely conservative ideas is what will win him this election.

Note the attack on the National Rifle Association, a group that enjoys widespread support. Note Northam’s kowtowing to NARAL and Planned Parenthood. This is what qualifies as Northam’s campaign strategy? His best attack on Ed Gillespie is that he’s a conservative?

  • Shaun Kenney

    Not a minor one — it’s a misdemeanor charge.