‘Resistance Ralph’ To Donors: We’re Losing!


There’s so much to unpack in Virginia Democrat Ralph Northam’s latest fundraising email. Talk about utter desperation:

The last public poll in Virginia, from Quinnipiac, showed Northam with an 8-point lead over Gillespie. As I noted at the time, Gillespie was gaining and beating Northam with Independents. Apparently the Northam camp now sees themselves behind, which is a massive fall from grace for the frontrunner.

That’s not the only news out of this email. Despite the latest Washington Post hit piece trying to say Gillespie has distanced himself too much from Trump, Northam’s team is running entirely on Trump-based messaging:

If we let Trump’s top lobbyist hold this lead, he will go after women’s right to an abortion, block Medicaid expansion, and give the mega-wealthy mega tax breaks—and he’ll do it all from deep inside the NRA’s back pocket. 

Again, so much to digest here. First off, Virginians oppose Medicaid expansion when they know the cost. Second, the last time Virginia Democrats tried to make an election a referendum on Bloomberg vs. the NRA, they lost, sending Republican Glenn Sturtevant to the Virginia State Senate. Third, if Democrats intend to try to create a schism between Trump supporters and anti-Trump Republicans, they’re doing a poor job of it.

Finally, and this one’s the kicker, Northam is buying into “resistance” language:

Thanks for showing what resistance looks like!

Team Ralph

Look, I’ve been a Trump skeptic for a long time. A lot of Trump skeptics naturally voted for Gillespie in the primary. Some say that Gillespie needs to win over more Trump diehards to win in November. If that’s true, thanks Ralph Northam for driving them into Gillespie’s camp.

“Resistance” is no substitute for policies to make Virginia stronger and more competitive, and if this is the best Northam got, he’s in trouble.