Update: The unverified Bannon posting has been removed from the Republican Party of Virginia Facebook page.

The Republican Party of Virginia chose to share a quote from a Steve Bannon Facebook page that is most likely not run by Bannon or anyone authorized to pretend to be him.

In addition, instead of linking to the probably fake page, they shared a screenshot:

The unverified Bannon page this quote was pulled from has a paltry 4,750 likes, and hasn’t even went through the benign and easy process of selecting a custom Facebook URL.

Simply put, the man who was once CEO of a conservative media company is unlikely to be running such a half-assed social media presence, and whomever is running social media at the Republican Party of Virginia should have done a bit of verification.

Thankfully for the country, I have yet to find any evidence that the actual Steve Bannon is essentially promising to imprison anyone.