Dems in Revolt: Northam Loses Liberal Support for Backing Pipeline


The mainstream media really wants us to believe that one party is not united in Virginia’s Governor’s race this fall, as evidenced by the Washington Post‘s latest efforts to divide Republicans. They’re right, but they got the party wrong.

It turns out it’s Democrat Ralph Northam who is losing key members of his base and is facing resistance on his left flank. Liberal activists are in near-revolt over his stance on a key pipeline slated to be built in the Commonwealth:

Anti-pipeline protesters in central Virginia are challenging Democratic candidate for governor Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam to change his views on Dominion’s proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

They peppered him with questions at Saturday morning’s monthly breakfast meeting of the Albemarle County Democratic Committee.

Northam supports the ACP. He fielded many questions after his speech to party members; all of them were about his support for the pipeline.

Northam is the only member of the Democratic statewide ticket to support the ACP, but it wouldn’t be a shock to see him change his tune, especially given how far left he ran in the primary to beat former Congressman Tom Perriello.

The heat is on from Democrat activists from across the state:

Northam is running on an environmentalist platform in the race for governor. Some fellow Democrats question how he can call himself an environmentalist and support pipelines.

“You can’t just talk out of both sides of your mouth and say you’re pro-environment and pro-pipeline, those things don’t go together, at all,” Jennifer Lewis, president of Friends of Augusta, said. “Pipelines burst, they leak, they explode, if you have one leak in a water source and it’s gonna go down stream, and it’s gonna end up in the bay.”

It’s not just in Central Virginia. A recent livestream event from the Northam campaign was also littered with comments from left-wing environmentalists who questioned his support of the pipeline. As for Ms. Lewis, she’s not just some two-bit activist in Augusta:

Lewis is also the vice chair of the Waynesboro Democratic Committee. She says she will not vote for Northam unless he has a change of heart about this issue.

Pay attention, media. You may want to write a story about the Republican Party being divided in the “age of Trump” because it fits your narrative, but a story about Ralph Northam being hit from the left has the benefit of being, you know, true.