Planned Parenthood and DPVA Astroturf Protest Against Gillespie


Astroturfing – organized activity that is intended to create a false impression of a widespread, spontaneously arising, grassroots movement in support of or in opposition to something (Merriam-Webster)

The nation’s largest abortion vendor and the Democratic Party of Virginia teamed up to put together a small protest at one of Republican Ed Gillespie’s events yesterday, and it was another desperation move.

Despite Planned Parenthood searching for flash points of conflict, Gillespie answered their questions and made clear his position — he supports cutting taxpayer funds to the abortion giant.

The real story here, however, is that the Democratic Party of Virginia is now so hard-pressed on actual enthusiasm for Ralph Northam that they’re working with outside groups to try to create the illusion of grassroots protests.

Kevin Donohoe lists himself as doing communications for the Democratic Party of Virginia, and at this “grassroots protest”, he was also trying to work the crowd into doing some hard-to-chant chants:

This is an incredibly tough spot for Virginia Democrats. Lacking any sort of real grassroots movement, they’ll work directly with the abortion lobby to try to garner any press they can surrounding Ed Gillespie’s surging campaign.

Ralph Northam has a problem, and astroturf in pink won’t solve it.