Democrats Fall Short in Georgia After Wasting $8.3 Million


    National Democrats viewed last night’s special election in Georgia’s 6th District as a perfect storm. They had their guy, a 30-year old charismatic millionaire capable of raising huge sums of money. The Republican field was splintered 11 ways and they spent most of the time attacking each other. All Democrat Jon Ossoff had to do was clear 50% to avoid a runoff in a district that President Trump barely won last November.

    $8.3 million in Democrat money later, Ossoff is now facing the prospect of a runoff vs. a single Republican in two months — a race he is very likely to lose.

    Democrats are holding up Ossoff’s near-miss as a sort of consolation prize, but as Politico notes, it’s a disappointment:

    As it became clear late Tuesday evening that Jon Ossoff would fall just short of the 50-percent mark in the first round of voting in a suburban Atlanta special election, Democrats back in Washington started leafing through their calendars and asking: When does the winning start?

    Ossoff’s moral victory — capturing 48 percent of the vote in a conservative-oriented district — was welcome, but after two successive close-but-no-cigar finishes in House special elections in Georgia and Kansas, a new worry is beginning to set in.

    That worry is that despite President Trump’s abysmal approval ratings, voters are still unwilling to give Democrats the keys to Congress. They spent huge sums of money in Georgia, and a moral victory won’t cut it. Last night was a win for the Republican Party, and a huge loss to liberal activists.