Northam to Democrats: Ignore the Polls


Democrats have been desperately trying to spin poll results to claim Virginia Democrat Ralph Northam has a big lead. Meanwhile, polls from Monmouth University and Christopher Newport show the race a toss-up, and Northam himself undercut that effort by telling the truth about this tight race.

Northam told supporters that “the only poll that matters” is on Election Day:

This might seem benign, but it matters. Democrats have a massive enthusiasm problem in this race, thanks in many parts to Northam himself.

The point of the liberal spin on the poll numbers, taking advantage of bad methodology, is to try to drive down Republican turnout. As I said, it’s an absolute desperation move, but it just doesn’t hold up when outlets like Monmouth show Gillespie with a slight edge.

Listen to Ralph Northam — ignore the polls and vote on November 7th.