Nation’s Ten Most Popular Governors Are All Republicans


Over 85,000 voters across the United States participated in a new Morning Consult poll on their governors, and the results are bad news for Democrats. All 10 of the most popular governors are Republicans, including a number from deep blue states.

Excuse the numbering discrepancy, as the graphic from Morning Consult continued at #8 after a tie for 7th. The nation’s 11th most popular governor, listed at #10 in the original piece, is Georgia Republican Nathan Deal.

It’s not all good news for the GOP. The two most unpopular governors are New Jersey Republican Chris Christie and Kansas Republican Sam Brownback. They are followed by Dan Malloy (D-CT), Rick Snyder (R-MI), and Bill Walker (I-AK).

The biggest takeaway from the top 10, however, is where some of these Republicans are governing. GOP governors from Massachusetts, Maryland, Vermont, and Nevada all made the list, showing that even deep blue states can appreciate Republican governance.