Left-Wing Activists Have Built a Massive Fake News Operation on Facebook


    Nearly a quarter of a million conservatives have been conned into following a Facebook page masquerading as a right-wing outlet. The page in question is now running sponsored ads in targeted political races, trying to divide Republicans to help their chosen Democratic candidates.

    Meet Right News USA, a left-wing page designed to mimic a Trump-supporting outlet, while purposely pushing stories that divide the Republican Party.

    Here are some examples of the left-wing tripe being peddled by the page:

    In addition to posts sniping at the Trump White House, the page is running targeted ads in this year’s Virginia House of Delegates races, including this ad targeting Republican Delegate Jackson Miller:

    Miller is running against a self-avowed Democratic Socialist in Lee Carter. The only purpose of ads like these are to attempt to depress base turnout to help a radical like Carter win a seat in the House of Delegates.

    Finally, this outfit has their own website, with a small smattering of posts designed to splinter and divide Republicans. The website has no identifying information, and seems to have been thrown together quickly.

    It’s unclear who is behind Right News USA, and how far their malicious fake news and advertising campaigns are spreading. At least 200,000 Americans have already been duped. The question is — by whom?