Ignore Kid Rock, Meet John James


    The entertainment and political worlds are once again colliding, with social media abuzz about a potential Kid Rock bid for U.S. Senate in Michigan. The musician has been teasing a run, although nothing official is on the books yet. It’s easy to let the prospect of another media frenzy candidacy dominate this race, but let’s pump the breaks.

    Businessman and combat veteran John James has announced he’s exploring a run, and his introduction is powerful:

    James has an incredible life story, and his family’s company is a major success story in Michigan. As the Detroit News noted in their piece profiling his prospective run, his tenure in the business world has been stellar:

    James joined the family business in 2012 and became president of the James International Group in 2014. The company has added 100 jobs since 2012 and grown annual revenues from $35 million to $137 million, he said.

    He’s a job creator, a West Point graduate, and a public servant. I need to see a little more substance on James’ policy objectives, but his initial argument for entering this race is strong. A Kid Rock candidacy may be entertaining to write about. A John James candidacy may be good for Michigan.