Twice-Failed Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Tries to Be Cute


    I’m in the small but solid camp of folks who didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton but also think that the Russian influence investigation is worthy of being seen through, without interference from the White House, until we have a full conclusion from law enforcement and intelligence officials.

    That being said, Hillary Clinton is hardly the best messenger to be taking potshots at President Donald Trump, from the dais of an ultra-liberal college in Massachusetts of all places. Liberals will delight in this, but good grief is this pathetic (hat-tip to Hot Air):

    The line, delivered so slowly and robotic in a way that only Hillary Clinton could muster, was a not-so-clever dig at Trump, comparing him to Nixon. I think the part that Clinton forgets is that no one was longing for Hubert Humphrey or George McGovern to occupy the White House after Nixon’s inevitable downfall.

    Time will tell if anything comes out of the Russia saga, but one thing is for sure — Hillary Clinton’s sour grapes post-campaign snark won’t give her what she really wants.