New Poll Has Gillespie, Northam Tied in Virginia


So much for Democrat Ralph Northam starting with a nice advantage in the Virginia Governor’s race. A new poll from Monmouth University has Republican Ed Gillespie tied with Northam at 44%, a pretty shocking development at this stage of the race:

A few other takeaways from the poll, which will soon be released in full:

  • Republicans are slightly more united. Gillespie earns 91% of self-identified GOP voters while Northam earns 88% of self-identified Democrats.
  • Independents prefer Gillespie 42%-38%.
  • Trump is a slight net-negative, with a number of Democrats only preferring Northam as token opposition to the President.

The pundit class continues to give Northam an edge in this race, and it’s true that national factors may be giving him a bit of a push. That being said, Gillespie has the race tied, has more financial resources, and room to grow. Hang on Virginia, this is going to be interesting.