Gillespie Trolls Northam: Unveils Northam’s ‘Policy Agenda’


Anyone paying close attention to Democrat Ralph Northam’s campaign for Governor in Virginia might mistake him for a candidate for U.S. Senate. After all, over half of his campaign’s tweets over the last 24 hours have been about a Senate bill that the Governor of Virginia really has nothing to do with.

As for what Northam would actually do as Governor, that’s been a bit of a mystery. The Gillespie campaign released Northam’s “agenda” in an email smackdown this morning:

In all seriousness, Northam has yet to propose the types of major policy solutions that Gillespie has laid out. To date, Gillespie has outlined:

As for Ralph? He’s spending day after day talking about what’s happening in Washington, not what he’s going to do in Richmond.

Ralph Northam thinks the path to the Governor’s Mansion is as simple as yelling “I hate Donald Trump” as loud as he can from now until November. Virginia voters deserve better than that.