After His Tax Hike Scheme Fails, Frank Wagner Brags About Not Raising Taxes


Frank Wagner thinks you’re stupid.

After proposing a gas tax increase for the second year in a row, which thankfully failed to get traction in the legislature, the gubernatorial candidate is now bragging about the legislature not raising taxes this year.

Check out this email from the Virginia State Senator:

Frank’s right, there were no tax increases out of the General Assembly this year, but it wasn’t without his best efforts to make Virginians’ commutes more expensive.

The bill was a clear tax hike proposed by Wagner, and he didn’t even bother showing up to defend the proposal:

The bill would tax wholesale gas as if it cost $3.17 per gallon, even if the price is below that. Average wholesale gas prices are at about $1.58 today.

“That’s significantly higher than gas prices in my area,” Cole said. “It sets a tax increase and embeds that tax increase in the code.”

Sen. Frank Wagner, R-Virginia Beach, wasn’t there to defend his bill at the 8:30 a.m. committee hearing.

Wagner may have not been on the floor to defend his tax hike scheme, but for the second year running, he tried to raise taxes. Now he’s bragging about his own scheme failing?

Good grief.