Fake Frank: Wagner Joins the Fake News Game


Not to be outdone by fellow gubernatorial longshot Corey Stewart, State Senator Frank Wagner’s campaign doctored a headline and blasted it out on Facebook:

The actual headline of the Washington Post article that the Wagner team shared? Republicans running for Virginia governor tangle in TV debate.

The post has since been removed from Facebook, but it’s unclear at this point whether it was removed by the Wagner campaign or by Facebook itself, which has recently released guidelines for spotting and reporting fake news. One has to wonder why the tech giant can’t properly prevent entities like the Wagner and Stewart camps from faking headlines in the first place.

It’s also worth noting that this isn’t the first time Wagner played fast and loose with the facts online. In February, he was called out for posting false claims on his website, including a claim that he was the only candidate to start a business (both Gillespie and Stewart have started businesses in Virginia).

Wagner’s campaign is struggling to gain traction. It’s a shame they’re resorting to fake news to try to move the needle.