Big Fairfax Straw Poll Wins for Gillespie, Vogel, Adams


Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie won a decisive victory in a Republican straw poll in the largest county in the Commonwealth. Lieutenant Governor candidate Jill Vogel and Attorney General candidate John Adams also won by huge margins. The results:

Ed Gillespie collected 55% of the vote to win a Fairfax County Republican Committee straw poll today (Saturday) at Robinson Secondary School in Fairfax. More than 300 Virginia voters participated.

Senator Jill Vogel won the straw poll for the position of Lt. Governor with 64.36% of the vote. And John Adams won the straw poll for the position of Attorney General with 61.69%.

As noted by Fairfax GOP Chairman Matt Ames, a full 1-in-7 voters live in Fairfax County, about a dozen miles outside of Washington, D.C.. A Republican must still be able to deliver a substantial number of votes out of the Democrat stronghold to have even a chance of winning the Commonwealth.

In 2009, former GOP Governor Bob McDonnell carried Fairfax County with 51% of the vote in his double-digit victory. In 2013, GOP nominee Ken Cuccinelli only won 36% of the vote in Fairfax County, and lost Virginia by 2.5%.

Saturday’s win represents the second major straw poll victory for Gillespie in Corey Stewart’s back yard. Fairfax County borders Stewart’s Prince William County. Gillespie already bested Stewart in PWC’s Republican straw poll earlier this month.