Gillespie Positioned Well to Battle Northam or Perriello


Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

With Virginia’s primary for Governor just a week away, Republican Ed Gillespie is in a strong financial position that voters would be wise to consider.

Gillespie raised over $1 million in April and May, and is currently sitting on $2.4 million cash on hand. This number is important — it’s the available war chest Gillespie has to begin the general election campaign against his Democrat opponent.

On the Democrat side, Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam is sitting on $1.3 million and Tom Perriello, the former Blue Dog Congressman turned progressive candidate, is sitting on only $733,000. It’s likely that Northam and Perriello will go to those war chests in the closing week of the primary, as the race on the Democrat side is believed much closer than the Republican primary.

Of course, money isn’t everything in politics, but Gillespie’s opponents would start the fall campaign at a sizable disadvantage were they to win on June 13th. Northern Virginia moderate turned media-chasing firebrand Corey Stewart has a mere $186,000 cash on hand according to his report. State Senator Frank Wagner reported less than $60,000 in the bank.

One week ago, I endorsed Ed Gillespie in the Republican primary for a large number of reasons, and none of them had to do with his fundraising ability. That being said, his war chest is one more advantage to add to the list, and GOP voters should keep that in mind when they go to the polls next week.

  • Lee Pillsbury

    Keep in mind that the RGA has pledged $5 million to this race as well.