New Gillespie Ad Highlights Experience (Which is Still a Good Thing)


Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie is being attacked in some quarters for being too experienced to be Governor, as if that makes any sense.

After all, Gillespie’s run in public life is an impressive one for conservatives. He helped author the Contract with America, which ushered in a GOP Congress in 1994 and led to major initiatives like welfare reform. He was a counselor to President George W. Bush, the last man to be elected to the White House running as a conservative.

Gillespie’s new ad highlights this experience, and it’s a solid one:

A few other things worth noting — President Bush is the last Republican to carry the Commonwealth of Virginia, and did so twice. Anyone who thinks the way to attack Gillespie is to attack Bush is getting bad advice (and I can think of a few). Also, a number of post-presidency polls have Bush with a net approval rating.

All of this is to say, Ed Gillespie is proud of his political work to this point, and should be. Virginians are likely to appreciate the work as well.