Ed Gillespie Campaigning on Authenticity, Not Division


    It’s hard to understate the impact authenticity can have in politics. While our media and political pundits are obsessed with the “hand-to-hand combat” style of many political figures, there’s another road to elected office that voters may forget if they’re bogged down in process stories and hit pieces. Sometimes, it’s best to just tell your own story.

    That’s exactly what Virginia Republican Ed Gillespie is doing in his campaign for Governor, and I find this ad to be powerful and effective:

    Specifically, note how this ad refers to Gillespie’s history as a counselor to the President.

    It would be easy for him to strike a political chord, drumbeating his time as Republican National Committee Chairman where he helped President Bush defeat John Kerry. Instead, he discusses his road to being an adviser to that same President, and the joy that comes from work that truly fulfills a human being. That’s powerful, uniting, and authentic.

    Political “combat” is entertaining, but not always enlightening. Gillespie’s campaign will still have plenty of it, sparring over policy differences with Democrat Ralph Northam. That’s fine, but put me down in the camp that enjoys the authentic life story and inspirational message for Virginia’s future. God knows we could use some more inspiration in our politics right now.