President Donald Trump weighed in on his son’s emails and meeting with Russians this morning, and his response is a doozy. The latest spin? Anyone would take a meeting with people purportedly representing a somewhat hostile government:

Let’s start with the obvious — the “everybody’s doing it” defense stops working in elementary school. It may be cliché, but the appropriate response to this tweet is “if most politicians jumped off a bridge should Don Jr. jump too?”

I’ll reiterate that I’ve yet to see a convincing argument that the meeting Don Jr. attended amounts to anything criminal. It does, however, undercut the administration’s previous arguments that they didn’t attempt to collude with the Russian government.

The goalposts are shifting, with the President and his lackies now arguing that this is somehow “normal”. It’s not, and time will tell if any of it was illegal, but we do know one thing — it was wrong.