Corey Stewart Gets Friendly Shout Out on Prominent Neo-Nazi Website


Virginia Gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart received a friendly mention on the popular white supremacist forum Stormfront, perhaps the best-known Neo-Nazi gathering place on the internet.

The user making the post, whose signature includes phrases like “stop white genocide”, praised Stewart for both his recent visit to Charlottesville in support of the Robert E. Lee statue and his hardline rhetoric on illegal immigration:

Stewart’s support for the Lee statue is not outside of the mainstream, and plenty of folks are in the same camp because they simply don’t believe in scrubbing the Commonwealth’s history. What makes this post troubling is that a white supremacist activist is so comfortable promoting Stewart, which speaks to his increasingly radical tone.

I’m not a huge believer in guilt by association, so this post isn’t as much to blame Stewart for the shout-out, but rather to ask Corey — if your rhetoric is attracting this kind of support, is it right for Virginia?