Stewart Under Siege After Alt-Right Reddit Fiasco


In case you missed it, longshot Virginia gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart took to Reddit, the online message board site, last night. He chose a particularly vile subreddit to host an “Ask Me Anything”, and decided to throw away any remaining integrity by embracing the rhetoric of white nationalists.

Before I continue, I just want to clarify that “cuckservative” is absolutely a term loaded with racial animosity and embraced by the worst of the worst. Despite efforts of some to remove the racial component from this, you can take the scum of the earth’s word for it:

I’ll defer to Richard Spencer, president of the white nationalist National Policy Institute.

“#Cuckservative” is a full-scale revolt, by Identitarians and what I’ve called the ‘alt Right,’ against the Republican Party and conservative movement,” Spencer explained in an e-mail. “The ‘cuck’ slur is vulgar, yes, but then piercingly accurate. It is the cuckold who, whether knowingly or unknowingly, loses control of his future. This is an apt psychological portrait of white ‘conservatives,’ whose only identity is comprised of vague, abstract ‘values,’ and who are participating in the displacement of European Americans — their own children.

The word is used frequently on neo-Nazi and alt-right websites and forums, and is almost exclusively used in this context — white conservatives who they believe have betrayed the white race and “cuckolded” themselves to “abstract values.”

Now back to Stewart, who dropped an atomic bomb on his own political future last night by calling one of his opponents a “cuckservative.” Republicans from across Virginia, and notably from Stewart’s home county, are calling him out.

Let’s start with Republican Party of Virginia Chairman John Whitbeck:

“The term “cuckservative” is racist and its use is not acceptable in political discourse under any circumstance. I condemn the use of the term unequivocally and without exception.  No Republican should ever use this type of language in a campaign.”

Simple. To the point. Good. Next up is conservative Prince William County School Board member Willie Deutsch, who is calling for Stewart’s resignation and a suspension of his gubernatorial campaign:

Conservative leaders in Prince William County can no longer be silent. Stewart’s values are not conservative values, nor are they Republican values, nor are they Virginia values. The use of racially charged language to further his gubernatorial campaign is divisive, racially motivated, and wrong.

Late Thursday night Corey Stewart referred to his opponent Ed Gillespie as a “cuckservative.” The term is an accusation by the alt-right of being a race traitor, because supporting tolerance and diversity means weakening the power of “White Americans” (hence, cuckolding yourself). Corey Stewart is explicitly wrapping himself in White Nationalism, and accusing Ed Gillespie of insufficiently prioritizing whites over other races.

For Stewart to attack a fellow Republican for not holding the white race in a position of racial supremacy is unconscionable. Such language is not representative of Prince William County, our values, or of Virginians across the Commonwealth. Corey Stewart has disqualified himself as a candidate in the gubernatorial primary.

Deutsch is not alone in Prince William County in holding Stewart accountable for his disgusting attack. PWC Republican Chair Dottie Miller echoed the sentiment:

Name-calling and vulgar rhetoric like what Corey is using is not supported by the Prince William Republican Committee. Republicans want a campaign focused on policy and a vision for the state, not crude language.

Shaun Kenney over at The Jeffersoniad is updating a post with additional statements as the day goes on. Thus far, the Prince William County Young Republicans have weighed in against Stewart, and the Chairman of the Young Republican Federation of Virginia has called for an apology.

Corey’s ego transformed him from a technocratic purple county Chairman of the Board into the nationalism-praising candidate he is today. He thinks it’s his path to victory. I’m not holding my breath that he’ll make the right call.