Corey Stewart Just Used Reddit to Blow Up His Own Political Future


    Corey Stewart, Virginia gubernatorial candidate and former Trump campaign chairman, before he was fired for grandstanding and insubordination, just nuked his own political future.

    Stewart’s campaign for Governor has been a lost cause and trainwreck from the outset. His attempt to capitalize on a debate over the Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville hit a brick wall when Corey was found to be a total hypocrite, supporting the renaming of a school for many of the same reasons that some folks want to tear down the Lee monument. His allies invented fake Facebook headlines, his campaign whitewashed his own Wikipedia page, and he even got a friendly shout-out on a neo-Nazi forum.

    While all of these things, along with the pure lack of message discipline or integrity from Corey’s campaign, are bad, they weren’t fatal. Corey’s campaign for Governor is doomed, but his future in Prince William County, where he serves as Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, could survive his quixotic bid for Richmond.

    No more. Corey decided to go onto one of the most toxic subforums on Reddit. Reddit is a site that facilitates communities. Some of those communities are educational, entertaining, and interesting. Other communities are alt-right cesspools where the worst of humanity gathers to be affirmed in their hate mongering. Corey chose the latter.

    Corey launched what’s known as an AMA (for Ask Me Anything), an opportunity for that subreddit’s users to ask questions. Disguised as a former Trump chairman in good standing (despite being fired), here’s how Corey introduced himself:

    He calls Ed Gillespie, the clear frontrunner in the race, a “cuckservative.”

    For those unfamiliar, the word is a combination of the words conservative and “cuckold,” which a sexual term which describes a partner who is forced to watch their spouse have sex with others, often in a submissive fashion.

    (Addition: 10:58 PM) It’s worth pointing out why the “cuckservative” attack has caught on with fringe nationalists. As pointed out to me on Facebook, these groups use the phrase to brand someone as a race traitor, accusing them of “cuckolding” themselves to other races and not being sufficiently pro-white.

    The use of this word, which has become a buzzword for the fascist-inclined parasites who have so painfully and unfortunately attached themselves to the political right in this country, disqualifies Corey from holding public office. Not just future office, but current office.

    Stewart, who has governed as a moderate favored by development interests in Prince William County, is so desperate for higher office that he’s willing to try anything to gain traction. That apparently includes the use of a word that’s favored by neo-Nazi and conspiracy theorist beta males who never evolved past a middle school sense of humor.

    Oh, and he called Bill Clinton a rapist and Governor Terry McAuliffe a “cuck” as well, trying to make sure everyone knows just how absolutely pathetic he has become.

    It’s also worth noting that Corey sought out this particular subreddit for his AMA. Other options were available, but he chose the one that as of this post has this as a top story:

    I wonder how the folks that populate that forum would react to the fact that Stewart, in a former more tolerable political iteration of himself, campaigned hard for votes from the Muslim community. I credit this now-extinct version of Stewart for outreach, which was even profiled by the Wall Street Journal, and shared by CAIR:

    MANASSAS, Va.—Corey Stewart had visited the Dar Al-Noor mosque many times as chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors, but never as the leader of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in Virginia.

    “As-salamu alaykum,” he said Monday morning, greeting hundreds of Muslims on the holiday of Eid al-Adha, marking the end of the yearly pilgrimage to Mecca. “This is kind of an awkward position that I’m in.”

    Those voters are gone for Corey Stewart. So are the votes of any level-headed Republican who has enough moral fortitude to reject the term “cuck” in any and all of its forms.

    Corey Stewart just declared that he’s not only effectively lost the Governor’s race, but he’s lost his mind.