Corey Stewart Shows Up At Liberal Rally; Claims They Were Protesting Him


Corey Stewart’s gubernatorial campaign, being aggressively run on Facebook and Twitter but almost absent on the ground, is grasping for straws.

One of his latest email appeals says that a group of left-wing activists showed up in Southwest Virginia to protest Stewart’s event:

The problem? Corey Stewart was not the primary organizer of the rally in question, and it was a counter protest against the liberal group, which organized their event first.

Here’s what the Southwest Virginia Tea Party posted on their Facebook page:

The rally is planned to offset the “Indivisibles”, a liberal progressive group who relentlessly attacks President Trump, his agenda and Republican members of Congress. They bombard Congressional offices with telephone calls, faxes and e-mails and try to disrupt town hall meetings and other Republican functions. They held a rally in front of Congressman Griffith’s office on February 10th and had nearly 100 people there.

Long story short, liberal activists didn’t show up to protest against Corey Stewart. Corey Stewart showed up because he knew liberal protesters would be there and he could try to spin the event for the press.

I applaud conservative activists for standing up for Congressman Griffith and efforts to repeal Obamacare. I don’t applaud calculating candidates who try to upstage the message for their own political gain.

Stewart again put himself before the cause and lied about what happened. It’s the very same reason why Donald Trump’s campaign fired him last year — he just can’t stop trying to put himself first.

  • Jack R. Morgan

    Actually, those aren’t the facts at all. The organizers of the event, the Southwest Virginia Tea Party, decided to hold a rally a week after the “Indivisibles” held a separate rally protesting President Trump & Congressman Griffith. They then reached out to the campaign (me) and requested Corey join the rally in support of Repealing Obamacare. The protestors that showed up at The Tea Party’s rally were from out of town and they did protest Corey. I just thought you might want some facts from someone closely involved with the entire event.