Virginia LG Candidate Bryce Reeves Plagiarizes MLK Jr?


In a lengthy and often moving speech at Liberty University, Virginia Lieutenant Governor candidate Bryce Reeves plagiarized Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., almost word for word, without citation.

Here’s the moment of the speech:

Reeves added the word ‘tribulations’, but the remainder of the quote is a word-by-word recital of King’s words in the 1963 sermon releaseĀ Strength to Love.

It’s worth noting that Reeves was careful to make citations throughout his speech while quoting scripture, but omitted a citation for King.

To make matters worse, an overzealous Reeves staffer pulled the quote from the speech and posted a graphic, attributing King’s quote to the Lieutenant Governor candidate:

Reeves’s plagiarism, whether accidental or intentional, is yet another unforced error in a campaign that has, to this point, lacked any real message discipline.

He’d be wise to clear up the quote quickly and be sure that his staff isn’t giving him credit for saying something that was said almost 55 years prior by our nation’s greatest civil rights leader.

Update: To make matters better for Reeves, it looks like the graphic may have been posted by Liberty’s Office of Spiritual Development. To make matters worse, Reeves retweeted the image giving himself credit for the plagiarized quote: