Another Week of Bad Polling for Mr. Trump


    Another week, another round of terrible poll numbers for Donald J. Trump.

    Let’s start at the top, with the most recent. Quinnipiac is out with a national poll today that has Hillary Clinton leading by double digits in a head-to-head:

    With third party candidates included, the poll still shows a Clinton +7 lead, with libertarian nominee Gary Johnson hitting double digits.

    It doesn’t appear to be an outlier. Republican-friendly Rasmussen Reports has Clinton up four, a shift of two points in her direction since their previous poll. Reuters and YouGov both show Clinton leads in the same range.

    The state polls are more catastrophic.

    New polls out of North Carolina give Clinton a slight lead. This is a state that was carried by Mitt Romney.

    New Mexico, where George W. Bush competed twice, is a complete lost cause for Trump, with Clinton leading big and Johnson (the former N.M. Governor) cracking the mid-teens.

    But perhaps the worst news for Team Trump comes from Virginia, which was a consistently red state until it flipped blue in 2008 and 2012:

    Ok, maybe Virginia wasn’t the worst news of the week. For that we turn to Missouri, a state that hasn’t been competitive for Democrats since 2004:

    Alas, a light at the end of the tunnel for Trump. A single Florida poll showed the reality television candidate edging Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately, every other recent poll shows Clinton with a solid lead.

    Long story short, this week is another trainwreck for the Trump camp and his supporters. He has 10 1/2 weeks to turn it around. I wouldn’t be holding my breath.