A left-wing entity is running push polls against Virginia Republican Ed Gillespie on Facebook, with no disclaimer or identifying information. The “survey”, which is being pushed via sponsor ads from a non-descript “Virginia Citizens” page, is a typical attack tactic for disingenuous political groups.

A vast majority of the questions on the survey ask for typical demographic information, including gender, age, zip code, employment status, ethnicity, and partisan affiliation. On the issue of the Governor’s race, however, the survey delivers two “hits” on Ed Gillespie before asking the target for their preference in the contest:

The second push poll question is particularly egregious. Gillespie has repeatedly taken the hammer to white supremacists on the campaign trail and has outlined how his tax plan will keep funding levels in place for public schools. This is a smear designed to deliver a left-wing message in the guise of a poll.

The poll is also obsessed with President Trump, trying to increase his role in the race for Governor:

So who is bankrolling these smear polls? Your guess is as good as mine. One thing is certain, however — the liberal attack machine is willing to resort to almost anything to try to salvage Ralph Northam’s flailing campaign for Governor.

UPDATE: The Republican Standard posts about the smear polls and who is possibly behind them. Silly and desperate tactic.