Trump’s Biggest Fan Unleashes After Immigration Flip-Flop


Who could have predicted that Donald Trump would flip-flop on immigration?

Oh, that’s right, anyone that’s been paying attention.

Donald Trump famously attacked Mitt Romney’s immigration plan, which was significantly more humane and less xenophobic than Trump’s primary rhetoric, as being too extreme. Now Trump himself is reversing, leaving some of his biggest fans in shock.

Enter Ann Coulter, who just penned a book entitled “In Trump We Trust,” because apparently even God has nothing on the megalomaniacal New York liberal. Here’s her reaction to the Trump flip-flop:

I would pity Coulter, if she authentically believed in Trump, but the woman was just trying to hawk books and endear herself to a new crowd — the alt-right. She deserves every bit of the schadenfreude that comes along with Trump’s “softening” on immigration.

The man has no ideological core. How long until he decides that building the wall is also too inhumane and just reverts to full-on New York liberal?