Alternative Media Should Reach Beyond Politics


    Conservatives spend a lot of time talking about the creation of “alternative media” to counter systemic liberal bias. In most cases, this leads to heavily biased outlets of our own, which sparked the dominance of talk radio and the creation of networks like FOX News and One America News. It also has sparked countless websites like Breitbart and The Blaze, which seek to go beyond casual commentary and focus on news creation.

    That being said, I can’t go a day without my social media feeds discussing liberal bias in entertainment, in sports, and in areas where the opinion flows downstream from culture.

    As I write this, a small line of thunderstorms is approaching Manassas, Virginia, where I live. What’s the first thing I’m greeted with as I go to check the radar on the nation’s most popular weather website?

    The article is as you’d expect, a dressing down of President Trump for his consideration of exiting the Paris Climate deal. In fact, in the weather industry, global warming hysteria is the cause célèbre, and you never see a counterpoint weighing the economic impacts.

    In the sports world, we’ve seen a lot of conservative harping over ESPN and the slow drip of left-wing politics on that network. While I’m a bit hesitant to jump on the narrative train of ESPN losing viewership due to liberal bias, I do find myself wishing they focused more on sports reporting as opposed to sports commentary, especially when that commentary goes well beyond the game and into the personal lives of athletes.

    Add in the “East Coast bias” that both weather and sports television stations engage in, and you can see why folks in the heartland are yearning for more traditional products. Perhaps that’s my complaint as a small-market sports fan and someone who doesn’t want to sit through 3 hours of tropical storm coverage to find out if it’s going to rain on my trip to Eastern Tennessee.

    Yet no major right-of-center entities seem to be making real moves outside of the news and commentary arenas. We don’t need another FOX News, we need a new Weather Channel, a new ESPN, and more television networks putting out quality entertainment programming that’s not trying to push some social or moral agenda.

    Many will blame this issue on left-of-center executives at the top rungs of corporations like Disney. That’s silly. These companies won’t continue churning out politically charged content if it’s costing them viewership and advertising dollars. The problem is the consumer, who gripes about the bias in their sports coverage but still turns on SportCenter because there’s no better alternative. When these consumers begin demanding an unbiased alternative, the market will solve the problem.

    We don’t need a right-wing ESPN. We don’t need a weather station that spends 6 hours a day bringing on global warming skeptics. We need alternative media that just seeks to do what it’s designed to do, whether that be report or entertain. Show me a sports station where I can see highlights of a Cleveland Indians game without several hours of commentary about some football player’s comments on race and a half hour block discussing how “impactful” today’s Yankees-Red Sox game was, and I’ll be a loyal fan.