Two new advertisements are out hammering Virginia Democrat Ralph Northam for his no-show record as a member of the Virginia Economic Development Partnership.

Americans for Prosperity, an outside group that promotes limited spending and smaller government, dropped this devastating ad on Northam a couple days ago:

As noted in The Richmond Times-Dispatch, Northam sat on the VEDP when they gave a recommendation to make a payment to a phony Chinese company. If Northam had bothered to show up to more than 42% of the meetings, he might have prevented the fraud:

The TV ad, to run in markets across the state and in Washington, refers to a failed deal in Appomattox County with Chinese-owned Lindenburg Industry LLC. Northam, the lieutenant governor and the Democratic nominee for governor, at that time was an ex-officio member of the board of directors at the Virginia Economic Development Partnership.

The Roanoke Times has reported that in late 2014, based on a recommendation by VEDP, Gov. Terry McAuliffe signed off on payment of a $1.4 million grant to Lindenburg Industry LLC.

A Roanoke Times investigation found that staff members at VEDP “relied on a company website that contained false information and accepted representations about Lindenburg by a company-paid site consultant, rather than independently assessing the soundness of the company and its planned project.”

Could Northam have prevented this wasted payment if he was more engaged at VEDP? One would think so. The Gillespie campaign layered on their own ad today, also taking ‘No Show Northam’ to task for not doing his current job:

Ralph Northam’s plan is to try to use the tenuous national political climate to skate into the Virginia Governor’s Mansion. Unfortunately for Northam, that depends upon Virginians ignoring the fact that he’s not doing his current job. AFP and the Gillespie campaign seem intent on making that impossible.